"I have many astrological programs including both free and many very expensive programs but the programs I use all day and every day for every single chart for over 6 years is still WOW Interpreter and WOW for Lovers. Simple to use - all features only a click away - an indispensible advantage due to the quality of the interpretation and writing and most importantly the accuracy."


I've never seen or used a better tool or program for astrology. It is clear, easy & in tune with my judgments. I've found it to be very accurate. I love it. Great job.

John Bosco

I must say that it's the best computer generated report that I've ever seen. It is so accurate that it's almost untrue! Your interpretation, the benevolent humor and an occasional edgy remark make it perfect and captivating reading.


The interpretations are among the best (and possibly THE best) I've seen in any computerized report generator, and the integration and output presentations are terrific. Thanks!

M. Price

You're astrology interpretation hit "right on the head" in some areas. What I love about the British astrologers I've come across is their "tell it like it is" realistic approach to astrology interpretations. Our so-called "New Age" astrologers over here tend to sugar coat theirs, like Mary Poppins reading a bedtime story to children. I'm most certainly going to be sending my online friends to your web site.


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